The Only Losing Move is Not to Play

About. – The word ClimateBall comes from my Neverending Audit project. It refers to the way people argue online about climate matters. In a nutshell, ClimateBall is as simple as CalvinBall:

The concept got a life of its own. Many ClimateBall players use it, e.g.:

[I]t’s a game whether we like it or not. If you’re going to get involved, it’s best that you understand that it is game, how to play the game, and what the rules are. 

AT, who at least sometimes gets ClimateBall.

Contents. – This site contains these sections:

Status. – The website is in its infancy. Resources will be added as I play ClimateBall over teh tweeter, where you can contact me. For my thanks and other details about the project, see the Colophon.