“But ABC”

Reducing climate change to Anything But CO2.


Climate change — it happens, with or without our help.


Read my lips: Climate change is a common planetary phenomenon that has nothing to do with people and cars.


Objections and Replies

Attribution. We don’t know how much is our fault & how much is—
The A in AGW is likely 93%–123% of the observed 1951–2010 change.

Cause. CO2 does not cause temperature to—
It influences solar radiation, which in turn affects temperature.

Climate changes. Climate doesn’t stay the exact same forever
Our carbon dioxide has prevented the next ice age.

Coolant. CO2 is used as an industrial coolant
Because it’s cheap and mostly harmless, not because it’s efficient.

Cycles. This period of warmth is not different from prior periods—
Current warming is occurring roughly ten times faster than the average rate of ice-age-recovery warming.

God. God controls the weather—
But She does not control climate.

Night and Days.


Pluto. There’s global warming on Pluto

Teh Sun, Stoopid. No one recognizes the single biggest contributor: solar output
Quite sure physicists heard about the Sun.

Every single day humans release a Mt Pinatubo eruption’s worth of CO2.

Water Vapor.
Water vapor fluctuates daily whereas CO2 used to vary on geological times scale.


{} Second Law. There are lots of arcane discussions about the Second Law of thermodynamics. Unless you like to play #ButSemantics (it’s all about what warming means), stay away from them and defer to physicists. It takes expertise to diagnose misunderstandings.

* * *


Cool story.

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