“But Alarmism”

The critical square of the whole ClimateBall Bingo.


[CHRIS] Climate alarmism has declined to record low levels this year.

[DAVIDM] Climate alarmism is a gateway drug to communism.

[JUDY] Agreed that the climate model and ice sheet model results driven by RCP8.5 have been the primary driver of big alarm. However some of the climate alarmism is driven by political activism driven by whatever excuse.

[KATRINA] like climate alarmists. Rising temperature? Global Warming. 12′ of snow? Global Warming.

[LAWRENCE] Yes, I am a climate alarmist.

Objections and Replies

(Rhetoric) Alarmist rhetoric is bad—
Reply. Citation needed.

(Proponents) Alarmist proponents are bad—
Reply. To whom are you referring, and how do you know they’re alarmist?

(Claims) Alarmist claims are—
Reply. Which one do you think are alarmist?

(Concern) Alarmism applies to anyone concerned about climate change—
Reply. According to thy Wiki, Alarmism is characterized by “excessive or exaggerated alarm about a real or imagined threat”.


{Synonym} #ButCAGW is more or less synonym.

{Target} Appeals to alarmism or alarmists often act as hyperbole or caricature. Identifying the target of the concern is key.

{Question Begging} This square begs the most important question of all Climateball, i.e. that AGW won’t have any alarming consequences. We just don’t know.

{Burden of proof} As long as claims within the bounds of established viewpoints, the onus is on the contrarian side to refute them.

{Framing Advice} To portray oneself as an alarmist compels one to use the contrarians’ frame.