Description. – An impersonal attack, so to speak.


[KRISTIAN] So you just quoted me as a “contrarian” with your anonymous profile and hashtags but I should own the passive-aggressive act.

[TONY] You refuse to own anything, because you are too cowardly to use your name.

Objections and Replies

§1. You’re anonymous. –

You must be new to ClimateBall. Anonymity isn’t pseudonymity. A pseudonym has persistence. I claim authorship for everything I write.

§2. You’re a coward. –

What I say under my name is my honor. A pseudonym carries responsibilities. It also limits authoritativeness. Try to hold a position in ClimateBall without relying on your authority of your own person and see how it goes.

§3. You’re a nobody. –

Not exactly. I’m a ninja. What I claim stands on the evidence I offer. Disrespect me at your own peril. See if I care.

§4. Therefore you know nothing. –

It’s also harder to convince when bolstering no credentials. Ninjas’ power come for the skillz they display, not from some studies they did decades ago in unrelated disciplines.


1. There is a long tradition of pseudonyms. When faced with the example of Publius or Cato, Freedom Fighters usually throw another squirrel in the fight.

2. From greater pseudonymity comes greater humility. Not claiming to know more than one can show applies to everyone. If you brag being the best coder in the world, be ready to be asked for some code.

3. No, I’m not really a ninja. It’s an Internet joke. Nay not worry – I don’t need to tell you who I am to do what I do.