Description. – The central square in the ClimateBall bingo.


[JUNIOR] Why You Can’t Trust The Insurance Industry’s Secret Science On Climate Catastrophes

[NATHAN] The intense debate about the exact percentage of climate scientists who believe in catastrophic climate change is predicated on Dadaist science.

[TOBY] Climate doomsayers keep putting sell-by dates on their credibility

[BEN] Abrupt ecosystem collapse, 1.5°C climate catastrophe by 2025-2030, and mass extinction.

Objections and Replies

§1. But all CAGW is […] –
Stop right here. “CAGW” isn’t the scientific position, but a contrarian strawman.

§2. It’s not a strawman, for here is […] –
The caricature lies in suggesting that the established view is CAGW. It’s not.

§3. I keep hearing the C word. –
Me too. Mostly by contrarians. What word would describe a 4C world by 2100?

§4. To speak of catastrophe is alarmist. –
How do you know? Let’s look at a specific claim and see how it fares.


“CAGW” stands for Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. It does not refer to the established view. Contrarians simply added a “C” to “AGW.”

It may be the only square compatible with all the other ones.

Correlated to #ButAlarmism.