But Costs

Because there is no free lunch except lunches that are free.


Objections and Replies

(Trillions) There will be multi-trillion costs
Reply. It may now be cheaper to deal with the crisis of climate than to leave it.

Occupy Irak costs more than THREE TRILLION. Dollar to donuts it’s thrice the trillion ton of carbon dumped in the atmosphere to reach 2C.


{Ethics} Strong ethical considerations may dominate financial concerns. But to invoke ethics when speaking about money might be seen as deflection. Best to parry the objection directly, *then* top it with ethical considerations.

{Reinsurance} Check how reinsurers, insurers, and actuaries look at this matter. You should see discussions that tend to be grounded in reality.

{Military} Invoking military spending usually shuts off concerns about the cost of social programs.


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