“But Debate Me”

Science as a boxing match.


[ANONYMOUS] The opponent would be [some contrarian]. Would you be interested in debating him about climate change. If not, who would recommend from your side?

[PETER] These discussions are vital. Sad to see scientists blocking debate.

[TOM] With the fate of human civilization allegedly on the line, and if you actually understood natural variability, you’d answer my questions instead of constantly appealing to your own authority.

[ZACK] You’re more than welcome to call the Charles Adler Tonight show I’ll be filling in on to have a conversation.

Objections and Replies



Reply. Online platforms have terms of service. Moderation is here to stay. If contrarians don’t like that they can go hide under their beds.


(Open) Open the debate!
Reply. Scientists tend to ignore those who ignore science and just stick to predetermined narrative.



{Cf.} Can channel #ButAnonymous if it includes “debate me, coward.” Can also channel #ButMyGuru if the “me” extends to one of contrarians’ guru.

{Respect} Respect yourself enough so you don’t have to give attention to anyone you feel disrespects you.

{Society} We live in a society.

{True Censorship} True censorship

Rather than engage these people with deep down details which invite obfuscation, I think it’s best to focus on the essence of the problem, which they have no idea how to rebut (Scott Denning).

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