“But Denier”

Victim bullying never gets old.


[TWITS] Would you like to point out anything there that says [Junior] is a “climate denier”, disagrees with consensus, or doesn’t value peer-review?

[CANMAN] You should take a closer look at prominent people who are labeled/demonized as climate deniers. Practically all of them agree CO2 is causing warming.

[IAN] I was trying to say, there is only one use of the word “Denier” – someone who denies the holocaust against the weight of historic evidence. Using it in any other context is wrong.

[PD] Anyone who says “climate change deniers” isn’t credible.

Objections and Replies

(I’m rather a climate realist.)

(The D word connotes the Holocaust.)

(I don’t deny this or that.)

(Scientists don’t use the D-word.)
There’s lots of research on denialism.