Asking for evidence looks easier than it seems.


[Electroverse] There is no convincing evidence that carbon dioxide causes temperature warming beyond natural cyclical limits long observed and recorded.

[TOM] What hard evidence should convince a rational person that the weather and/or climate are any worse now than 10, 100, or 1,000 years ago?

Objections and Replies

§1. Give me evidence that CO2 ever harmed. –

Harm is a judgment, not an observation.

§2. Give me evidence that CO2 will harm. –

We do not have evidence about the future.

§3. Give me laboratory evidence. –

Experiments give empirical results. You can use them as evidence for some other judgment, but only in an indirect way.

§4. Give me real-life evidence. –

As opposed to what? Srsly, I have no idea what you’re asking or why it would matter for the price of tea.


The “give me” gives away that the square is about sammich request.

Asking for evidence is the purest form of sealioning. Requesting evidence can be felicitous. It can also be a form of abuse. All depends on the relevance of the request. Is it related to a claim you committed? If not, let your opponent scratch their own itches.