“But Historical Times”


Yet mankind muddled through the last Ice Age’s death throes and has done rather well since, despite a 100-meter rise in sea levels!


Objections and Replies

Before. We already had similar temperatures in previous times—
☞ At present rates of human emissions, there will be more CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere by 2025 than at any time in at least the last 3.3 million years.

Dust Bowl. Explain how we could have prevented the Dust Bowl—
☞ Better soil conservation and land management practices might have helped. AGW makes these extreme events more likely. June 2021 was the

Eemian. —

LIA. The Little Ice Age
☞ We have evidence that the indian genocide contributed to the Little Ice Age.

MWP. They tried to erase the Medieval Warming Period—
☞ The MWP was before 1400, and MBH’s series go 1400 onward. However, note that the bigger the temperature swings in historical times, the bigger should be climate sensitivity.

Prosperity. Warmer periods are generally a time of prosperity—
☞ Had we been around during the Neoproterozoic, humans might have needed robust air conditioning.


Details on all the historical times can’t be covered here. We provide a blueprint for the kind of exchanges to expect. Do your homework!


GSA Geologic Time Scale.


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Climateball Episodes

2008-05; The Deming Affair; The source of the “get rid of MWP” meme.

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