“But Hypocrisy”

Nothing worse than double standards.


[ADAM] Interesting to watch how media lauds the “liberal Pope” when it comes to anti capitalism/climate, but avoids issues they oppose

[GARNET] instead, we focus on …. how efficient my fridge is.

[JOSEPH] …and flying on private planes to climate-change conferences.

Objections and Replies

(By Your Logic)

(Jet Set)

(Climate conferences)


{Irrelevancy} If climate scientists still refuse to lead by example and reduce their footprints, they may send themselves into irrelevancy.

{Leadership} Scientists ought to lead by example. That is, scientists who seek to be leaders should. That’s the whole damn point of leadership.

{Symbols Matter} The effort of the scientific community in reducing its footprint is mostly symbolic. In a PR venture, symbols matter.