“But Ism Word”

How to do things with labels.


[JESSE] I believe that this sort of watermelon politics (“green” on the outside, “red” on the inside) is one of the central reasons that some on the far left oppose CDR and solar geoengineering.

[SARAH] I’m a climate change realist.

[MIKEG] The Barcelona statement and this entire thread makes it abundantly clear that the goal of the climate extremists is to overthrow the free market system.

Objections and Replies


{Connotations} One can hide appeals to doctrines with figurative words, e.g. watermelon for eco-socialism.

{Government} Ism words that reflect political ideologies are covered on the #ButGovernment page.

{Hippie Punching} These appeals are often used to punch hippies.

{Nazis} Punching nazis is fine.