“But Life”



[ROSSC] Of 118 known elements, carbon: bonds with the most other elements; is the 2nd most abundant in the human body; is the 4th most abundant in the universe.

[ROSSC] If you think carbon is a poison to be eradicated, when every human is 18% carbon, all your policy options are scary.

[BOOTHE] 40,000 ppm of CO2 right back atcha every time you exhale!

[BJ] Even climate alarmists wouldn’t say pollution causes climate change. Unless of course you are conflating CO2 – a life-giving force – with dirty air, poisoned water, plastics, etc.

Objections and Replies



(Plant Food) CO2 is plant food
Reply. The Calvin Cycle is more complex than that.

(Life goes on)


{#ButTraceGas} It would be hard to appeal both to the fact that CO2 is life and that it’s a trace gas. Yet they are often seen hand in hand, or one after the other. Pointing out the contradiction helps.

Further Readings

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