Description. – All about climate models, aka the modulz. The stoopid ones.


[SHOSHIDO] Dear climate scientists and epidemiologists. Your models are garbage. Stop imposing them on us.

[EUAN] Maybe people just aren’t buying the decades of failed predictions and wildly inaccurate models anymore.

[BLACKJACK] If scientists can’t model imminent threats, there’s no chance they can accurately model impact of climate change over decades or centuries.

[Janitor] Climate models are useful for studying climate mechanisms but utterly useless for long term forecasting.

Objections and Replies

§1. Modulz are not science. –
Have you ever used a thermometer?

§2. Should we trust modulz or observations?
Unfortunately observations of the future are not available at this time.

§3. Don’t impose modulz on us!
Nobody does. They’re mostly useful tools to explore the future.

§4. We need better modulz until [this or that]. –
They’re what we got. I’ll keep my eyes open even if hindsight isn’t 20/20.

§5. Since modulz are stoopid shows that AGW is stoopid too.
We don’t need no damn models to support AGW.

§6. Modulz are tweaked to get the results scientists want. –
If only it was that easy, we would not need models in the first place. Many properties emerge from runs. They still need to hindcast properly.


Goes well with #ButPredictions, with #ButObservations, or with #ButEvidence.

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