“But NASA”

Conspiracy ideation about the NASA agency.


[CLIMATISM] FROM the above NASA article that disappeared around 2010 : “WHAT ARE THE PRIMARY FORCINGS OF THE EARTH SYSTEM?”

[KENNETH] Climate scientists [i.e. Gavin, from NASA] agree the CO2 greenhouse effect conceptualization is only a “thought experiment” […]

[DUFFMAN] That’s strange @NASA, few years back before carbon tax was invented you had a completely different stance [points to the same 2010 article as above].

Objections and Replies

(The Sun) NASA hides the effect of the Sun. –

Reply. Here is an article that starts with “The Sun powers life on Earth.” Here is another that says that “The Sun is a giver of life.” There are many others.

(Driver) NASA hides that the Sun is the primary driver. –

Reply. Look under the photo of a big Sun here. Notice what’s written: Solar radiation is a primary driver of climate. Thanks for playing ClimateBall!

(Thought experiment) It’s all thought experiment. –

Reply. Check the whole quote from your own source:

The size of the greenhouse effect is often estimated as being the difference between the actual global surface temperature and the temperature the planet would be without any atmospheric absorption, but with exactly the same planetary albedo, around 33°C. This is more of a “thought experiment” than an observable state, but it is a useful baseline. Another way of quantifying the effect is to look at the difference between the infrared radiation emitted at the surface of the Earth, and the amount that is emitted to space at the top of the atmosphere. In the absence of the greenhouse effect, this would be zero (in other words, no difference). In actuality the surface emits about 150 Watts per square meter (W/m2) more than goes out to space.

Gavin Schmidt, 2010. Taking the Measure of the Greenhouse Effect.

As you can see, no “thought experiment” is being harmed in the measurement of the Tyndall Effect.


Yeah. This one’s silly. We need better contrarians.

Zero Hedge tried to sell that one. Caveat emptor.

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