”But Nukes”

An explosive silver bullet.


[BRET] We aren’t 1950 Nuclear Power is the number one energy source its clean and produces more energy.

Objections and Replies

(Number One)



> Who cares what they cost if they solve the problem.

There’s a difference between saying:

[Nuke Realist] Nukes would solve the problem.

[Nuke Nut] Only nukes can solve the problem.

[Nuke Pragmatist] Nukes is part of our toolkit and we need all the tools we got.

The first claim is hard to verify, the second claim is obviously false, so all we got left is what I take to be a truism.

A Marshallian plan to power the Western world with nukes is past us. Too late now. Some places will need them, but it’s too risky, too expensive, too slow to go bullish on nukes.

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