“But Politics”


Recipe for disaster: Thinking Politicians and Lawyers can “manage” complex natural systems such as the climate


It is not climate change. It is the effect of decades of Democratic mis-management


Objections and Replies

Hockey Stick. That pesky little hockey stick that advertised the Charney
The Charney Report was written in 1979; it contains no graph.

Left/Right. AGW is obviously a left/right issue
☞ Nature bats is an ambidextrous hitter and it bats last.

(Politizing) politicization interferes with addressing things—
☞ Politicizing may never be good. Hard not to politicize, more so an issue that will require a political solution.

Humans will remain political animals for a while. Nothing really prevents anyone from promoting more conservative solutions. Many climate scientists are lifelong Rs.


{} Cheap. Advertizing one’s position is the cheapest form of political action.



Further Readings

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