“But Politics”


[BRAD] You’re dealing with someone who believes climate change is not a left/right issue – in other words, you’re dealing with someone who does not know what they are talking about.

[CATO] Recipe for disaster: Thinking Politicians and Lawyers can “manage” complex natural systems such as the climate

[TORBEN] It is not climate change. It is the effect of decades of Democratic mis-management

Objections and Replies

(Left/Right) AGW is obviously a left/right issue—
Reply. Nature bats is an ambidextrous hitter and it bats last.

(Politizing) politicization interferes with addressing things—
Reply. Politicizing may never be good. Hard not to politicize, more so an issue that will require a political solution.

Humans will remain political animals for a while. Nothing really prevents anyone from promoting more conservative solutions. Many climate scientists are lifelong Rs.


{Cheap} Advertizing one’s position is the cheapest form of political action.



Further Readings

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