“But Religion”

Because everything looks like one.


One Religion Is Enough.

(The Honorable John)

If the IPCC is dogma, then count me in as a heretic {1}.

(Judge Judy)

Objections and Replies

(Belief) Talk of belief shows it’s a religious test around the Climate Cult—
Alternatively, belief expresses an attitude we have regarding stuff.

(Civilization) I must make a last stand to save Western Civilization—
Try not to create a Crusade 5.0 while you do, shiny Armored One.

(Cult) Climate scientists form a cult—
Pray tell more about the true science you presume.

(Dogma) The science has been overtaken by dogma—
Citation needed.

(Likeness) The AGW war has all the overtones of a religious war.
From the hammer perspective, everything looks like a nail. From MC Hammer’s perspective, nothing can be touched. From all the hammers perspectives I know, everything is a nail one can’t touch {2}.

(Prophet) What about this prophet of doom—
You’re begging #ButCAGW.

(Unproven) The terrible beauty of essentially unprovable religious beliefs—
You mean, like the speed of light?


{1} Censorship. One variant of #ButReligion hints at censorship or mobbing: Salem, heresy, Luther, etc. The most famous form is of course #ButGalileo.

{2} Everything. There’s little easier than to compare something one does not like to a religion, at least when one hasn’t done any kind of religious studies. Everything is like a religion except religion, which is like a language game.

{} Manicheanism. The square can be used to whine about confrontation: blasphemy, creed, heresy, holiness, persecution, stigma, etc.

{} Millenarism. The square can appeal to #ButPredictions, e.g. prophecy, doom, etc.

{} Spychology. The square can offers a mind probe: bigotry, cult, dogma, fundamentalism, mass hysteria, zealotry, etc.

{} Toleration. The religious vocabulary has seeped in common usage: pontification, ex cathedra, etc.