“But Religion”

Description. – Because everything looks like one.


[HONOURABLE JOHN] One Religion Is Enough.

[ARMED LIBERAL] The terrible beauty of essentially unprovable religious beliefs (like the existential risk of climate change) is that they justify any actions you want to take.

[JUDY] If the IPCC is dogma, then count me in as a heretic.

[REINER] It is perhaps the ultimate irony that the science war about climate change has all the overtones of a religious war.

Objections and Replies

(AGW is like a religion)
From the hammer perspective, everything looks like a nail. From MC Hammer’s perspective, nothing can be touched. From all the hammers perspectives I know, everything is a nail one can’t touch.

(Climate scientists form a cult)
Pray tell more about the true science you presume.

(Science is about facts, evidence, theories, experiments)
There is no dichotomy between knowledge and belief. Both are justified the same ways. Humans share a web of beliefs, including scientific beliefs. Their nature is no different than other beliefs, they are only more systematic than others.

(The terrible beauty of essentially unprovable religious beliefs)
You mean, like the speed of light?

(I must make a last stand to save Western Civilization)
Try not to create a Crusade 5.0 while you do, shiny Armored One.


{Everything is a religion} There’s little easier than to compare something one does not like to a religion, at least when one hasn’t done any kind of religious studies. Everything is like a religion except religion, which is like a language game.

{Synonyms} #ButCult, #ButDogma, #ButHeresy, and #ButZealot redirect here.

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