Description. – Because everything looks like one.


[HONOURABLE JOHN] One Religion Is Enough

[ARMED LIBERAL] The terrible beauty of essentially unprovable religious beliefs (like the existential risk of climate change) is that they justify any actions you want to take.

[JUDY] If the IPCC is dogma, then count me in as a heretic.

[REINER] It is perhaps the ultimate irony that the science war about climate change has all the overtones of a religious war.

Objections and Replies

§1. AGW is like a religion. –
From the hammer perspective, everything looks like a nail. From MC Hammer’s perspective, nothing can be touched. From all the hammers perspectives I know, everything is a nail one can’t touch.

§2. Climate scientists form a cult. –
Pray tell more about the true science you presume.

§3. Science is about facts, evidence, theories, experiments. –
There is no dichotomy between knowledge and belief. Both are justified the same ways. Humans share a web of beliefs, including scientific beliefs. Their nature is no different than other beliefs, they are only more systematic than others.

§4. I must make a last stand to save Western Civilization. –
Try not to create a Crusade 5.0 while you do, shiny armored one.



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