“But the Press”

Scientists are only responsible for what they say.


If you don’t trust the media’s coverage of the election, walk me through why you believe them on Covid and climate change. They push an agenda, not news.


Here we go again! Media hypes alleged ‘Hottest year’ declarations as 2018 cools, slips to 4th ‘warmest.’


Objections and Replies

Al Gore. Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth was wrong and alarmi—
☞ John Nielson-Gammon looked at the scientific argument and found it reasonably sound. Many of his illustrations go too far, but his main point remains valid. The IPCC remains the best summary of the scientific evidence.

No news. What happened to climate change in the news
☞ No idea. Let’s have a look.

Unprecedented. I lost count of the ‘unprecedented’ comments in the news— ☞ MBH95 is more than 25 years old and contrarians still harp about it. Most of contrarian tropes have been known since Roman times. Non nove sed nove.


{Dutch Book} Either AGW gets too much coverage or it’s ignored because of a more pressing issue. Contrarians always win.

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