“But This Odd Place”

There’s always some place where it’s cold or wet or dry or else at some point.

One should not try to draw conclusions about global warming from either a single local region or local time, the error bars are way too large.


Snowstorm breaks 120-year-old record for most snow in October in the Okanagan region, British Columbia.

(Grand Solar)

In Antarctica, the satellite measurements suggest no tropospheric warming trend since 1979.


Objections and Replies

Antarctica. But Antarctica is getting cold—
☞ Except in West Antarctica, perhaps. Did you know that Antarctica was tropical most of the times during the last 100 million years?

Arctic land ice is melting, sea ice is decreasing, and permafrost is thawing.

Death Valley. We should be able to detect a rise in backradiation in Death—
☞ Detecting a 0.5 °C rise in at least 5 °C of noise would be a remarkable accomplishment (Vaughan Pratt).

Greenland. Don’s graph of Greenland shows that—
☞ Don surely can be economical with the truth.

St. Petersburg. What’s up with castles built in the middle of the LIA by Tsars—
The paradox can be solved by noting that aristocrats can be ostentatious.

Iceland. Iceland is colder now than any other time except in the 1800s

Oceans. Unless we explain how AGW warms the ocean—
☞ Who died and made you the sammich requester in chief?



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Further Readings

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Climateball Episodes

2010-01; Long-Term Arctic Ice Trends and Global Warming; a good outline of the tricks.