Venezuela is a poor country that serves as a socialist whipping boy.


[NOBODY] Nobody worries about “climate change” in Venezuela (source).

Objections and Replies

Poors don’t care about AGW.

Yet the poors will be the most affected by it. ButThePoor is another square.

AGW policies will turn us into Venezuela. –

ButSocialism and ButGlobalism are other squares.

Venezuela is poor. –

Indeed it is. Many petrostates with an undiversified economy are poor. Norway has petroleum and isn’t poor. Next you’ll argue that Scandinavian socialism isn’t real socialism.


This square works by association and leads to a cluster of Freedom Fighters talking points.

Venezuela can be sometimes replaced by North Korea.

This square is dedicated to Fernando, who often peddles it in response to my tweets. For more on peddling, see this post.