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The website has been created using WP’s new block editor.

The text is formatted using the Markdown notation.

Climateball, ClimateBall, #ClimateBall or ClimateBall™ are interchangeable.

The Bingo Card has been generated thanks to

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The Bingo is a fairly standard meme format. The idea of a Climateball Bingo is borrowed from AT. The “but” prefix has been anticipated in 2014 at MT‘s. There is an old 2005 version at Tim’s, made in jest.

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The document sources should be archived and made public at some point. Probably when the project will be ported to a static website.

Most resources have been archived using Archive Today.

I would never ever ever suggest anyone to get papers using Sci-Hub. Ever. Make sure you understand that we need an academic journal publishing reform, however.