Over the years I collected an arsenal of resources or weapons. They’re part of my Climateball repertoire. There are many more, but these should be enough to get you going. If you need assistance, you can contact me.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
RTFR – Read The Friendly Reports.

Global Climate Change – Vital Signs of the Planet
NASA’s site is very well done.

The Discovery of Global Warming
Spencer Weart
A classic book, courtesy of the American Institute of Physics.

Berkeley Earth
A contrarian audit of the temperature records that found warming.

Wood for Trees
Toying with time series and creating screenshots is a must.

Climate Reanalyzer
Cool platform for visualizing climate and weather datasets.

Climate Rapid Overview and Decision Support. Better than its name.

Resources for the Future
Carbon Pricing Calculator
Because visualizing the effects of different policy designs matters.

Energy Policy Solutions Simulator
Policies imply trade-offs. Test how your ideas would work.

Shared Socioeconomic Pathways Database
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Everything one needs to know about future projections.

The Climate Clock

Skeptical Science
Climate Myths
Not half as bad as it looks. You’ll need something better at some point.

Climate Feedback
Article Reviews
Evaluation of claims made in non-scientific outlets.

Climate Lab Book
Warming Stripes
The most beautiful representation of the 20th century warming.